Monument Pools

Monument Pools Client Questionnaire

How many children (include ages) are in your family?

What features are you interested in?

Spa waterfall Sheer decents Raised bond beam
Salt filtration In ground filtration Diving board
Decorative rocks Slide Deck jets
Fiber lighting    

Do you want a free form or formal design? 

Do you want a hot tub? Yes No

How many people are likely to use the hot tub at one time?

How many people are likely to use the pool at the same time?

How often will you host events in your backyard? Weekly Monthly Annually

How often will the pool be used for exercise?

What size pool would you like?

Do you want an autocover? Yes No

Do you want a safety fence? Yes No

What kind of coping on the pool and spa would you like? Precast Stone Brick

What kind of bottom surface would you like? Plaster Pebble Hydrazzo 3M

Do you want a play pool or deep-end pool? Play Pool Deep-end

How deep do you want the deep end?

What other ideas do you have for your pool?

What is your budget range?

Comments / Notes: